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Hi! My name is Helena. I'm a 15 year old high school student who's trying to eat clean, get fit and stay positive. Join me in my health journey! Message me anytime, I'll be here for you :)


Hi guys, thank you all so much, I’ve just reached 5,555 followers! it’s so great to be in the fitbr community :)
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17. April 2014


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Today is my Friday so happy almost weekend!!!

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My Afternoon ‘Pure Raw’ Mango Smoothie topped with Blueberries, Strawberries & Coconut Chips.  #raw #mango #pure #clean #antioxidant #energyboosting #detoxifying #vitamins #smoothie #drink #brooklynread #benefits #blueberries #strawberries #coconut #lifestyle #rawlivingfoods #healthyliving #healthy #organic #fruit #puremango #cleansing

So true.

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A delicious lunch today- smashed avocado, feta, sundried tomatoes, smoked salmon on toast with roasted lemon! 😋😋 yumm!!  #lunch #healthy #brooklynread #livewell #eatwell #foodporn #healthyliving #avocado

April 16, 2013 I made the biggest and best change to my life. I chose to live my life cruelty-free, vegan life. This year has been the most amazing, incredible, life changing year of my life. I have become such a completely different person. I am so proud to be part of the vegan fitblr community on tumblr.
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